What is Zenospace?

Zenospace - the international knowledge space focused on Education, Consulting and Research (ECR) - offers a wide range of worldwide recognised and accredited products and services for individuals, teams and organisations in multi-disciplinary professional areas for personal advancement, team building, and organisational development in a systemic and sustainable manner. Initially established in Hong Kong since 2012 and recently extended the business coverage to the United Kingdom, Zenospace serves clients not only in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, but also multiple Asian and European countries, including but not limited to, China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen), Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Singapore.

Zenospace advocates that education, consulting and research are boundless but culture-specific. Continual learning and improvement is one's lifelong mission in a complex world. In the past years, Zenospace has been educating people and developing talents in different renowned corporations in multiple countries. Education is always tailorable and scalable in order to fulfil the emergent needs of individuals, teams and organisations through our consulting and advisory services. Besides that, our research capabilities keep creating and innovating new knowledge and insights through our academic network so as to enable us and our clients to realise the benefits of becoming systemic learning organisations and achieving business excellence.

Zenospace's vision is supported by our commitment to educate people, bridge talents, and collaborate wisdom across the globe. Learning is both a driver to, and an outcome of, achieving excellence for anyone in any field.

Zenospace Locations

Our Missions

Zenospace is committed to building relationships and networks with and among our advisers, business partners, learners, educators and researchers to foster collaboration and communications, support knowledge and skill development, and promote a culture of knowledge-driven and research-informed decision making.

World of Learning Excellence
Establish a self-organising and self-regulated learning environment to promote the importance and value of lifelong learning through collaboration and communications among people and organisations for sharing and exchanging knowledge in and contributing to the world of learning excellence.
Adviser Connect
Engage our Advisers to stay connected with professionals and businesses in our network for the provisioning of professional advices
Business Partnership
Enable our Business customers and partners to manage their organisational knowledge and wisdom and thrive for sustainable competitive advantage through our cross-border innovation and strategic services.
Learner Community
Nurture our Learners and fulfill their continuing needs for improving knowledge and skills to achieve learning excellence through our learning and development programmes, courses, workshops, events and our knowledge-exchange platform.
Educator Academy
Collaborate with Educators to facilitate an inspiring and interactive learning atmosphere for the effective transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills to people and organisations with continuing learning needs.
Research Cluster
Develop a culture of research and form partnership with Researchers to improve knowledge transfer between research institutions and commercial marketplace in the United Kingdom and even across the globe.

Our Scope of Practice

Everything Zenospace does is focused on empowering you and supporting your change to take care of the dynamics of social complexity so as to sustain your learning capacity. We are committed to offering you guidance on embracing your status quo and transforming it for a sustainable future throughout your personal and organisational change journeys.



Education is a way to stimulate participants to experience, think, share and reconceptualize, which constitutes a crucial part of reflection that leads to effective decision-making and action-taking.



Consulting and advisory services helps construct working models through analysis and transformation of your tacit and explicit knowledge and enhances your capabilities of applying learned knowledge to particular situations.



Research is a way to collaborate talents and co-create new knowledge from tacit and explicit one through systemic inquiry with authentic reference and reasoning to support and sustain our education and consulting services. 

"We have to really educate ourselves in a way about who we are, what our real identity is."

~ Deepak Chopra