Zenospace - the Knowledge Space

Zenospace is the knowledge space in which individuals create, share, transfer, exchange and reinvent knowledge among one another for solving problems, making decisions, improving capacity, exploring potentials, managing business transformation, leading changes, sustaining our societies, and innovating the future. By more academic definitions, the knowledge space is usually described as an emerging anthropological space in which the knowledge of individuals becomes the primary focus for social structure, values and beliefs. According to Pierre Lévy, an anthropological space is defined as "a system of proximity (space) unique to the world of humanity (anthropological), and thus dependent on human technologies, significations, language, culture conventions, representations, and emotions" where one's identity in the knowledge space is defined by knowledge and the capacity to rapidly acquire knowledge. 

Zenospace is also a social space that represents a metaphor for the very experience of one's social life in a learning journey. In the current century, education for sustainable development is an endless topic across the globe where sustainable development is defined as a process of meeting human development primarily focusing on systemic approaches to balancing the equilibrium of four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture. In summary, Zenospace aims to assist individuals and organisations in exploiting their knowledge assets and resources and enabling them to result in the sustainable balance between the concept of needs and the idea of limitations subject to human and environmental factors in their learning journeys.

Zenospace - Collective Intelligence for Socio-Cultural Learning

Zenospace believes that knowledge is valuable and that life wisdom, experiences and knowledge are the underlying and ever changing guiding path for the sustainable social development of human societies. We believe that in the forthcoming future, the disruptive trends in information management, knowledge management, personal learning and development, team capacity and leadership enhancement, organisational development and strategic organisational change will be driving the dynamics of our complex world to changing from open innovation to systemic change. It is envisaged that Zenospace will transform herself into Collective Intelligence where knowledge is enhanced and exchanged, intelligence is coordinated and skills are mobilised among individuals who engage in our ZenABLER Network through digital mediums and emergent technologies. According to Pierre Lévy's definition, Collective Intelligence is "a form of universally distributed intelligence, constantly enhanced, coordinated in real-time, and resulting in the effective mobilization of skills". In our ZenABLER Network, we welcome everyone, especially our Alumni, Business partners, Learners, Educators and Researchers to engage to explore possibilities, embrace differences, excel the current you, enlighten others, enable organisational change, energize our societies, and evolve the necessary qualities of our world.

ZenABLER Network

People are always our key strategic assets. Our ZenABLER network comprises of five major groups of people and organisations based on their knowledge, skills, competence, perspectives and goals. The term "ABLER" stands for Advisers, Business partners, Learners, Educators and Researchers. They represent identities based on people's knowledge, skills, competence, perspectives, goals, current status, and the characteristics of their behaviours in their learning journeys. Some people may have multiple identities, similar to our real life; for example, you may be a mother of your kids, a wife of your husband, a daughter of your parent, a professor in a lecture theatre, an employee of your company that you work for, a customer of a supermarket near your home, and also a citizen of the nation you are currently in.

Zenospace is such a place for everyone to rethink your roles, rethink your space and rethink the quality of our world in the future. In a nutshell, it is not uncommon for people to take up different roles in different situations. The key is whether people are provided with opportunities, resources, support and even a platform in which people with different interests and having different expertise come together to share and exchange knowledge to make one's learning journey more fruitful. Zenospace supports that learning is considered as a social process and the origination of human intelligence in our culture and our societies where interaction among people at the sociocultural, inter-psychological and intra-psychological levels play a fundamental role in the sustainable development of cognition. 

Our Uniqueness

Zenospace is committed to building relationships and networks with and among our Advisers, Business partners, Learners, Educators and Researchers to foster collaboration and communications, support knowledge and skill development, and promote a culture of knowledge-driven and research-informed decision making.

Worldwide Recognised Accreditations
Our success originates in your recognition, achievement and competitive future. Be our Learners; be the world's future leaders.
East-West Wisdom
Global sustainable development is in vogue. Authentic wisdom originates in systemic interaction and convergence of thoughts across west and east.
Research in Practice
Learning originates in experience from consequences of actions. There can be no learning nor improvement without research nor practice.

"We are social creatures in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people."

~ Atul Gawande