What is ZenABLER Network?

Zenospace has identified five different orientations (or behavioural contributions) that individuals have in the landscape of knowledge management. These five orientations can also be considered as five actors in the lifecycle of creating, disseminating, using, managing and reusing data, information, knowledge and generating and retaining wisdom in organisational settings. We call the collaboration of these five actors the ZenABLER Network. 

The five behavioural contributions of individuals in our ZenABLER Network were designed to be associated with the five elements in our Systemic Learning Model. By analysing these five behavioural contributions and using the Systemic Learning Model in a particular organisational setting, you are able to identify right people and bring them together to achieving the goals in the domains of knowledge management and organisational learning and development.

Zenospace advocates that right people with right attitudes and proper guidance can be strategic assets in a team or an organisation. Assuming that organisational learning and development is the key goal of knowledge management, in order to manage knowledge well in a learning journey, these five behavioural contributions can be considered as five roles that people can take based on their learning style or their roles in a team or in an organisation.

Engage our Alumni to stay connected with professionals and businesses in our network for continuous professional development and the pursuit of career advancement.
Business Partners
Enable our Business partners to manage their organisational knowledge and wisdom and thrive for sustainable competitive advantage through our cross-border innovation and strategic services.
Nurture our Learners and fulfill their continuing needs for improving knowledge and skills to achieve learning excellence through our learning and development programmes, courses, workshops, events and our knowledge-exchange platform.
Collaborate with Educators to facilitate an inspiring and interactive learning atmosphere for the effective transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills to people and organisations with continuing learning needs.
Develop a culture of research and form partnership with Researchers to improve knowledge transfer between research institutions and commercial marketplace in the United Kingdom and even across the globe.

Adviser Connect

associated with Competence

Adviser Connect associated with Competence

Advisers are individuals equipped with knowledge and skills to strategically think with different hats and operationally apply theories in actions in different situations. 

Zenospace aims at establishing a collaborative advisory platform for everyone who are interested in and passionate about Advisers' experience and guidance for the generation, transfer, exchange and application of knowledge in different situations in transnational cultural settings.

Business Partners

associated with Actions

Business represents identities who have business interests and consider learning as a sustainable way to improve their organisational effectiveness of keeping pace with changes. 

Zenospace appreciates and welcomes businesses of different scales and of different industries to become our corporate clients and/or partners to explore opportunities, realise benefits from strategic cooperation, and create sustainable values. 


Business Partners associated with Actions

Learning Communities

associated with Problems

Learner Communities associated with Problems

Learners plays a primary role in any learning journey. The more learners, the more learning opportunities, the more dynamics and the more momentum to achieving excellence. 

Zenospace aims at encouraging Learners to improve by sharing and exchanging ideas, thoughts and beliefs, offering a wide range of services and support throughout their learning journey, and helping them shape their own future in life and career. 

Educator Academy

associated with Learning

Educators play an important role for transferring knowledge. initiating and identifying learning opportunities, and inspiring others to engage and continue their learning journey. 

Zenospace aims at collaborating Educators with different expertise to facilitate an inspiring and interactive learning atmosphere for the effective transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills to individuals, teams and organisations with continuing needs of learning and development.

Educator Academy for Learning

Research Cluster

associated with Questions

Researcher Cluster associated with Questions

Researchers are passionate about formulating new and revised theories and principles as the basis of continuously generating knowledge and insights with multi-disciplinary effects and contributions to our world. 

Zenospace aims at establishing a research-based community, facilitating participatory action research to bring knowledge into action across varieties of environmental settings, and bridging gaps among Researchers, Learners and Business Practitioners in adopting knowledge at right times. 

How the Model Works

Zenospace empowers the key contributors of our ZenABLER Network and supports them to take are of the dynamics of social complexity in their learning journeys.

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"Together we must learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose."

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower